Static IP address
(need advance payment for 3 months)
50 ₴
Email address
(in the domain – (for 1 unit)
50 ₴
Antivirus service ESET® Internet Security
for PC (for 1 unit)
70 ₴
Antivirus service ESET® Mobile Security
for Android devices (for 1 unit)
35 ₴
Domain name registration
( zone) (1 year)
430 ₴
Techinical specialist's visit
100 ₴
Engineer's visit
300 ₴
250 ₴
Configuration of terminal network equipment (when connected)
0 ₴
Re-configuration of terminal network equipment
100 ₴
Configuration of industrial/office end network equipment
400 ₴
Installation of the 8P8C (RJ-45) connector (when connecting or re-installing 1 pc)
0 ₴
Installation of the 8P8C (RJ-45) connector (more than 1 unit)
5 ₴
Cable installation (without cable cost) (1 m)
15 ₴
Installation of an RJ-45 socket (without the cost of the socket)
200 ₴
Drilling a hole (length up to 60 cm, diameter 10 mm)
50 ₴
Drilling a hole (length up to 100 cm, diameter 10 mm)
80 ₴
Extra information
  • Activation of the "Static IP address" service is possible subject to advance payment of the service for 3 (three) calendar months. Changing the IP address at the initiative of the subscriber — 250 UAH for each change (it is carried out if it is technically possible).
  • The e-mail address service is terminated if there is arrears for 3 months. The email address will be destroyed without warning.
  • The antivirus service is valid for 1 month from the moment of activation of the subscription. If there is arrears, the service will cease to operate.

  • Payment for service services is made upon the fact of completed work by the master in cash form of payment or non-cash form under the contract number with confirmation of payment.